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Freedom and Prosperity for Everyone on Planet Earth

Happy Infowar, Welcome to the Infowar School. Infowar means information war. Infowar is the search for truth. To be specific it is the search for the truth about the most important questions that the human race is asking. What is the absolute picture? Where did we come from? Where are we going? How do we solve the problems that we face? Problems like health care, energy supply, environmental care, financial crisis and your freedom and prosperity. The Infowar School was created to answer these questions.

We have all we need to live in freedom and prosperity and we can get there very fast and without pain or suffering. You can find out how by reading Operation Iceland and learning how to fix our world.

Start Thinking Objectively And Follow The Facts

These are serious questions and the have serious answers. That means you have to be serious and objective when studying these topics. Being objective means that you have to separate your feelings from the facts. The answers to the questions and the solutions to the problems may upset your feelings but the facts will not change just because you don't like the facts. If you don't like the answers to the questions we are faced with that's your right but don't let your hurt feelings stop you from solving the problems that you are faced with or else you are only stopping yourself from receiving peace and prosperity. Be objective, follow the facts.

There Is a Group of People That Control the World

It is true that there is a group of people that control the world. The problem with these people is that they are not interested in what is good for you. All they want is power and control. Because the human race has everything it needs to live peacefully in prosperity, the people who control the world need to trick us into believing that we don't have everything we need and that only they can save us. But they won't save us or give us what we need. They only make us give up our freedom and wealth so they can have power and control.

Who Controls the World? The New World Order Controls the World

You will also learn about the new world order and why world leaders are calling for a new world order. You may think that is a conspiracy theory but it is a fact not a theory. There are published quotes from the United Nations, and other politicians around the world including Joe Biden and even the Pope calling for a new world order .

The Info Warriors

No one is perfect. Just because someone is an Info Warrior does not mean that they know and understand the absolute picture or every single detail of the world. As you study at the Infowar School you will hear things from people who have been exposed to the same lies and conditioning as you have but they are trying to work through it and reveal the truth while exposing those lies. These Info Warriors are good people who in many cases dedicate their lives to one or two areas of study so they can't possibly put together the whole story. Because of these dedicated people we have all the pieces of the picture available to us. By studying all the topics and following the facts you will be able to find and understand the absolute picture. With the help of the Infowar School you will be able to see where some of the info warriors make mistakes and you can correct those mistakes with facts presented by other info warriors.

Learn the truth and bring peace and prosperity to every person on earth. We can end the horror and suffering very quickly if we know the truth and the solutions to the problems. The truth and solutions are presented here at the Infowar School in Operation Iceland.

Study Paths

There are two study paths you can follow. There is the absolute picture study path that covers all aspects of the new world order including the religious aspects, evolution and secret societies and there is also a political study path that does not include religion or the secret societies if you don't want to study those topics. Choose a study path or create your own path by studying the topics that interest you and learn the hidden truth about reality.

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