False Flag Terrorism


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False Flag Documents
Gulf Of Tonkin Documents
Lyndon Baines Johnson
John Simkin
September 1997 (updated October 2020)
Gulf of Tonkin incident
19 May 2021
Manchurian Incident
Mukden Incident Wikipedia
Manchurian Incident tribunal screenshot
Gleiwitz Incident
Gleiwitz Incident Wikipedia
Reistag Fire
Reistag Fire Wikipedia
Winter War
Shelling of Mainila Wikipedia
Joseph Stalin Ordered His Secret Police To Execute 22,000 Polish Army Officers
Russian parliament admits guilt over Polish massacre
Operation Embarrass
Jewish insurgency in Mandatory Palestine Wikipedia
Operation Embarrass? You bet: Britain's secret war on the Jews
History of MI6 detailed in new book
Lavon Affair
Lavon Affair Wikipedia
The Lavon Affair (1954)
Israel honors 9 Egyptian spies
Cia Overthrew Iran
1953 Iranian coup d'état Wikipedia
How The CIA Overthrew Iran's Democracy In 4 Days
New York Times Special Report: The C.I.A. in Iran
1955 Bombing On A Turkish Consulate In Greece
Istanbul pogrom Wikipedia
September 6, 1955, The Constantinople riots begin
Eisenhower Doctrine
Eisenhower Doctrine Wikipedia
Syrian Crisis of 1957 Wikipedia
Macmillan backed Syria assassination plot
Operation Mongoose and Operation Northwoods
Operation Mongoose Wikipedia
Operation Northwoods Wikipedia
Church Committee Wikipedia
COINTELPRO | United States government program
Burned Down A Mosque
Sabri Yirmibeşoğlu Wikipedia
CIA Trained Foreign Police And Troops To Make Booby Traps
The CIA's Family Jewels
The full "family jewels" report, released today by the Central Intelligence Agency
CIA’s “Dirty Wars“
US Special Forces Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces, FM 31.20-3, 2003
KGB Blew Up Apartment Buildings
The Shadow of Ryazan: Who Was Behind the Strange Russian Apartment Bombings in September 1999?
Moscow bombers jailed as doubts rise
Russian apartment bombings Wikipedia
Macedonian officials admit that the government murdered 7 innocent immigrants
A Fake Macedonia Terror Tale That Led to Deaths (Published 2004)
Macedonia faked 'militant' raid
Fake Stabbing Of A Police Officer At The G8
Top Italian policemen get up to five years for violent attack on G8 protesters
Men in black behind chaos
Iraq War
A NATION CHALLENGED: THE ANTHRAX TRAIL; U.S. Inquiry Tried, but Failed, To Link Iraq to Anthrax Attack
Operation Glass Houses
Operation Glass Houses: IDF agent provocateurs admit to throwing stones at the IDF in Bilin – Mondoweiss
Quebec Police At Montebello
Quebec police admit they went undercover at Montebello protest | CBC News
Agent provocateur
Agent provocateur Wikipedia
G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'
G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'
Colombian Army Civilian Murders
Colombian colonel sentenced for faking civilian murders