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Alberto Rivera Comics

The New World Order Plans Exposed By a Former Jesuit

Alberto Rivera was a Jesuit insider who was part of the New World Order but he found out that what he was doing was evil and left the Jesuits and exposed their plans. The Jesuits are very likely the highest level secret society on earth. Alberto has decided to use the comic book format to simplify the information that he is exposing.
Religion Course Level 1

Jesuits. This comic tells us how and why the Jesuits were created and how they have been used over time.
The Prophet. This comic tells us how Islam started. It tells us who created Islam and why they created it and what happened to it as time went on.
Alberto. This comic is part 1 of the story of Alberto Rivera.
Double Cross. This comic is part two of the story of Alberto Rivera.
The Godfathers. This comic tells us how Satan created Communism and Nazis and used the Vatican and others to nurture and control them secretly.
The Force. This comic tells us about the occult side of the Catholic Church.