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Collapse - Introduction- Introduction
- What Is The N.W.O.?
- Do They Really Want A N.W.O.?
Collapse - Create Communism To Promote A World Government- Create Communism To Promote A World Government
- Communism Is Not A Grassroots Movement
- Communism Does Not Have The Citizen's Best Interest In Mind
Collapse - Make Communism Look Like A Threat To America- Make Communism Look Like A Threat To America
- Communism Promotes The U.N. As The Only Hope For Mankind
- The UN Is A Communist Organization
Collapse - The UN Wants Total Control Of Society- The UN Wants Total Control Of Society
- UN Making Global Citizens
- The UN Is Using Our Schools As One Of Their Methods To Take Over Our Countries
- The UN Is Taking Away Your Rights
- The UN Is Sexualizing Your Children
- Drag Queen Story Time
- The N.W.O. Controls The Media
Collapse - Disarm The Nations And Make The UN The Most Powerful Force In The World - Disarm The Nations And Make The UN The Most Powerful Force In The World
- Banning Guns Does Not Stop Gun Violence. Criminals Don't Turn In Their Guns.
- You Can't Rely On The Police To Save You
- Knife Violence And All Types Of Violence Will Happen
- Communists, UN And The Liberals/Political Left Are The Ones Trying To Take Guns And Disarm You
Collapse - A Closer Look At The Problems They Create To Convince Us That The N.W.O. Is The Answer - A Closer Look At The Problems They Create To Convince Us That The N.W.O. Is The Answer
- Carbon Dioxide (Co2) And Global Warming
Collapse - A World Without The N.W.O.- A World Without The N.W.O.
- The N.W.O. Is Destroying Our Health On Purpose
- Aspartame
- Cancer Cure
- A Place To Live
- Money
Collapse - Available Resources And Overpopulation- Available Resources And Overpopulation
- There Is No Over Population
- Energy In America
- What About The Rest Of The World? Do They Have Energy?
- Oil Is Renewable Crude Oil Can Be Made From Vegetation
- Food Supply For The Millions Of People Starving Around The World


Political Study of the New World Order


It is true that our planet earth is ruled by Satan and his army of fallen angels. There is clear and undisputable proof of who and what God is and what His reasons and plans are for us. You can find that information at the Infowar School in the appropriate sections. Some people will say that it is not fair to claim one religion is true and the others are false even when presented with overwhelming evidence of that fact. Others may feel that they simply don't have the time to study all the religious aspects of the N.W.O. although it is a much faster process when you are studying religion at the Infowar School. To accommodate those people there is a purely political study of the N.W.O. Also, it is probably easier to start learning about the N.W.O. from a political perspective and then expand into the secret societies and finally religion.

In this political study of the N.W.O. you will learn about how the human race already has everything needed to live in peace and prosperity. You will also learn how the N.W.O. uses lies and creates problems, that would not have existed otherwise, to make us think that a world government is the only solution to their lies and problems. In their world government you will only be allowed to do what they let you do. They will decide if you are even allowed to live. Always remember, we already have all the answers we need to live in peace and prosperity without the N.W.O. They are creating the problems so they can offer their solutions that will help them reach their final goals like when they created a financial crisis to make America accept the Federal Reserve Bank.

More details on all the information presented in this political study of the N.W.O. can be found in the various course topic sections of the Infowar School.

What Is The N.W.O.?

The people who are in control of our planet at this time are also called the N.W.O. and their goal is also called the N.W.O. so the terms can be used in both ways. Just like the government. You can call the people working for the country 'the government' and you can call all the laws and institutions of the country 'the government.' The word is used both ways. The N.W.O. is the final goal of the people who are in control of our world. It is a world where they have total control of your life through total surveillance where you will have absolutely no privacy.

There have been people trying to take over the world for the past 6000 years and there has always been a common connection between these people like bloodlines and religious views. Good people always try to stop them so their plans change over time and the current plan for the N.W.O. started in 1588. It's been over 400 years since then and they are near the end of their plan. The N.W.O. is almost complete.

Do They Really Want A N.W.O.?

The world has been divided into three groups by the people who are in control of our planet (those people in control of the planet are called the N.W.O.). Those groups are: 1. the Jews and the Christians. 2. the Moslems. 3. the communists, socialists and fascists. These three groups are used against each other by the N.W.O. to create wars and other problems that the N.W.O. claim they are the answers to. They create the problems and give us their own solutions that enslave us even more.

These three groups that the world is divided into have leaders that are part of the N.W.O. and there are leaders from all three of these groups calling for a N.W.O. by name. Even the United Nations is calling for a N.W.O. These world leaders want the UN to be the global government that is in control of the N.W.O. They try to hide that fact by using deceptive language like telling us that they want global governance not global government but it's exactly the same thing. They just use different words to describe it. Let's look at their own words calling for the N.W.O.

All of these world leaders claim that the N.W.O. is the answer to all of our problems but they are the same world leaders that are creating our problems by causing wars. Yet they all want the same solution so why are they fighting? It is an obvious and sick plan they are part of and hundreds of millions of innocent people have died because of it. (Another example of how they create problems so that we will react and accept their solutions is something called Operation Northwoods where they planned to fake attacks on America and blame it on Cuba so they could have a reason to invade Cuba.) Here are some statements from the leaders of the world and the UN calling for a N.W.O. and using the problems they created to justify it:
Remarks of Under-Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo at Yale University's Macmillan Center on “United Nations and a NEW WORLD ORDER: Multilateralism vs Regionalism and Unilateralism”
We are having this conversation at a difficult time. Far from a “NEW WORLD ORDER”, what we see is unease and uncertainty across the globe; intensified competition amongst major powers; and a perception that we face threats more serious than we have seen in a generation: persistent conflict, accelerating climate change, and new forms of warfare deriving from technological change and without international governance.
The UN remains the center of international cooperation and WORLD ORDER
Beate Trankmann UN Resident Coordinator ai & UNDP Resident Representative
Welcome to the 2018 Model UNESCO Mongolia conference and thank you for inviting me to kick you off...... The challenges of the 21st century – climate change, mass migration, trade disputes and terrorism – transcend the boundaries of nation states. With our fates entwined, we need solutions that are global, not shortcuts that are national. The struggles we share can only be solved when we share our visions, commitments and actions too.
Pushing for a green economy & clean energy
—Joyce Msuya, United Nations Environment Programme’s Deputy Executive Director
If countries deliver on all that was agreed here and implement the resolutions, we could take a big step towards a NEW WORLD ORDER where we no longer grow at the expense of nature but instead see people and planet thrive together.
Speech Given By The President Of The Republic Of Peru, H.E. Alberto Fujimori, Before The Iv World Conference On Women, September 15, 1995, Beijing, China
Daily, modern information technology is revolutionising the relationship between people and all kinds of organizations. This seems predestined to create the foundation for a NEW WORLD ORDER. Any social, cultural or economic transformation can be sustained only if it involves women, who make up half of the world’s population, and if it also eliminates the injustices endured by millions and millions of poor women around the planet.
Climate Change and Conflict: The Tail Wagging the Dog or New, Cascading Tensions and Inequalities?
Fatima Denton is Director of the Special Initiatives Division and Coordinator of the African Climate Policy Centre at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
The Paris Agreement adopted at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP 21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in December 2015, heralds a new dawn in the evolution of our efforts to mitigate the adverse consequences of climate change. In many ways, it clearly indicates how climate change-related policies have shifted from the narrow prism of environmental concerns to a NEW WORLD ORDER where the transition to a low carbon development is replete with economic, social and cultural ramifications.1
Build global citizenry living together in harmony, not ‘imperialist walls,’ Bolivia’s Morales tells UN
President Morales of Bolivia
The world is again entering an era of “dark capitalist and imperialist barbarism” which acts against human dignity, the integrity of Mother Earth and the sovereignty of countries, Bolivian President Evo Morales told the United Nations General Assembly today, calling for a “NEW WORLD ORDER” which, rather than constructing walls, built a global citizenry where all people live together as a common family.
Declaration On The Establishment Of A New International Economic Order
Ahmed Mahiou International Law Institute Former; Chairman of the International Law Commission
It is rather difficult to know exactly who conceived of a “new international economic order” or when the term was first used. On the other hand, official recognition of the notion can be accurately dated because it followed from two resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly of 1 May 1974 concerning, respectively, the Declaration on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order (resolution 3201 (S-VI)) and the Programme of Action on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order (resolution 3202 (S-VI)).
European Union Indispensable Partner of United Nations, Ready to Build Cooperative NEW WORLD ORDER, Its Top Diplomat Tells Security Council
Security Council 7935th Meeting 9 May 2017
“The European way is the United Nations way,” declared Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. “The European vision is the United Nations vision.” She was delivering her statement as the Security Council discussed United Nations cooperation with the European Union in the context of its work with regional and subregional organizations.
Kissinger calls for a NEW WORLD ORDER | Buchanan
Patrick J. Buchanan Published 6:30 a.m. ET April 8, 2020 | Updated 9:01 a.m. ET April 8, 2020
Writing in The Wall Street Journal Friday, Kissinger declared that it is now an imperative that the world's leaders, even as they deal with the raging pandemic, begin to make the "transition to the post-coronavirus order." "Failure to do so could set the world on fire." Yet, the ingredients Kissinger considers essential for establishing that NEW WORLD ORDER appear, like ventilators, to be in short supply. "Sustaining public trust," asserts Kissinger, "is crucial ... to international peace and stability." Says Kissinger: "The world's democracies need to defend and sustain their Enlightenment values... (and) safeguard the principles of the liberal world order."
Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue said in Beijing on June 10, 1999.
China is calling for the establishment of a NEW WORLD ORDER that will ensure a long-term stable and peaceful international environment. A country's affairs should be handled by its own people and international issues should be resolved through negotiations, she said, adding that the United Nations, the organization that has the largest number of member nations and that is most representative, should play a dominant role in international affairs and that this is common sense in the international community
Gorbachev Calls for ''NEW WORLD ORDER''
The Gorbachev Foundation
Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Soviet leader who helped end the Cold War at President Ronald Reagan's prodding, is calling for a "NEW WORLD ORDER" based on strong adherence to international law.