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Operation Iceland

The Solutions

The most effective solutions are for the nations of the world to control their own money and energy supplies, and to provide permanent housing for their populations. Having good health, good education and clean food and water are also necessary solutions. These are the solutions that show most clearly that the N.W.O. is lying to us and killing us and these solutions will have the fastest effect in making people aware of the truth.

The Combined Effect Of The Solutions Working Together

The solutions presented in this operation work together and when they are combined they are even stronger. They provide a stable secure foundation for individuals and society. If you have a home that can't be taken away from you and you have money in the bank because your not being taxed unfairly and energy is low cost and you have good healthcare and you have a good education then you will be safe and happy even when you are faced with a disaster. If you get sick or there is a natural disaster or you loose your job for a while you can make it through the problems without loosing everything. In our current situation if you have a problem you can loose everything and our politicians know this and they know why and they know how to fix the problem but they won't because they are trying to build a new world order. There are good politicians but too many of the top positions are held by people that are working for the new world order so they can block the efforts of the good politicians.

The Alex Jones Show 2013-04-17

On the important Wednesday, April 17 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex examines the tell-tale signs that point to the Boston Marathon explosions in all likelihood being a false flag attack perpetrated by our own government to take our freedoms, from denials of a drill by appointed officials, to eyewitness accounts of people told prior to the race to stay calm because bomb-sniffing dogs and beefed-up security were part of a "training exercise." Alex also analyzes attempts by the liberal press and certain politicians to predictably blame the bombing on "domestic terrorists," specifically "right-wing extremists." On today's show, Alex welcomes former Ron Paul Staffer and Founder of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes to discuss suspicions that a member of the "liberty movement" will be blamed for the attack. We'll also speak with Prison Planet editor Paul Joseph Watson about the Family Guy episode that depicted scenes eerily similar to those that unfolded during the Boston Marathon attack. Alex talks with renowned author and former Department of State official Steve Pieczenik. Alex and Steve discuss the latest news and analyzes on the Boston terror attack.