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-The Combined Effect Of The Solutions Working Together
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-Steps To An Easy Transition From The N.W.O Banking System To A National Banking System
-What Is Fractional Reserve Banking?
-National Banks vs. Private Central Banks
-Private Citizens Taking Money From The National Bank
-Solution 2. Energy Supply
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-Housing For Everyone
-Clean Food And Water
-Cure Cancer And Other Disease
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-Solution 5. End the United Nations
-Steps For Ending The N.W.O.

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Operation Iceland

Solution 3. Protect The Populations Of The Nations

Housing For Everyone

If everyone had a home that could never be taken away the world would be a much safer place. Becoming homeless is a motivation for crime and corruption. Once the banking systems are taken away from the N.W.O. and taxes drop to almost zero, property taxes will be gone and there will be no reason to loose our homes. With cheap energy and almost no taxes the cost of living will drop. Incomes will increase and people will afford homes easily.

How much space do we need to live? To be able to see what it looks like we can use an example of a well known size of land. Look at Alaska on a map. We can fit the entire population of earth there. This is just an example of size to give you a visual idea compared to the total size of the earth. we could fit the entire world population in that same area if only two people lived in a house that had only one floor and no basement with a backyard if there were ten houses per acre and there would still be space left over. So how is there not enough space on the planet? Over population is a lie told to us by the N.W.O.

Clean Food And Water

The N.W.O. is poisoning us with GMO and fluoride. People must be informed of the effects of these dangerous substances and demand that their elected politicians stop using them.

Cure Cancer And Other Disease

Our governments know that eating marijuana cures cancer and has numerous other health benefits. They won't allow us to save ourselves by simply growing plants and consuming them. They want us to pay for expensive chemotherapy that kills more people than it saves.


COVID-19 is easily cured by using Budesonide which is asthma medicine. The N.W.O. that created the world health organization is not trying to stop this virus. They are using it against us. Many doctors and nations are already using this medicine with rapid results but you will scarcely hear about it in the controlled media or from the W.H.O. Instead they are using this virus to bring in a technocracy.

Our elected politicians must stop killing us and go to jail. The populations must demand the use of Budesonide and marijuana and all other suppressed cures and the end of GMO and fluoride.

Rescue of a Scared Homeless Dog with a Broken Heart

Los Angeles Homeless Woman Shows How She Lives in a Tent

All the trillions of dollars borrowed from New World Order banks to fix New World Order problems and we still have chaos all over the world. It's a scam. The New World Order is the problem. We must eliminate them so we can have peace and prosperity all over the world.

Following The Life Of Three Children Who Are Battling Cancer

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