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Operation Iceland

Solution 1. Take Control Of Our Nations Money Supply

The most important solution to defeating the N.W.O. is for nations to take back their money supply. This will damage them more than anything else. The people of the nations must demand specifically that their elected politicians withdraw from all activities with world banks and the private central banks in their nations and abolish the Federal Reserve and I.R.S. in America. They must demand that their elected politicians set up national banks to issue the nations money at no interest to fund the governments. Only as much money as needed per yearly budget needs to be created and costs must never be inflated by corrupt politicians.

If the N.W.O. was really interested in saving the world they would have paid for it by now. With all the trillions that we paid to them as interest on national debts and the billions sent to support Israel and all the bailouts they could have just bought everyone a home and stabilized the world long ago.

Steps To An Easy Transition From The N.W.O Banking System To A National Banking System

Create a publicly owned national bank to issue currency to the nation. Cancel the charter for the private central bank that is currently issuing money to your nation. Each citizen gets an equal amount of the national debt as a credit causing the national debt to be eliminated and the citizens to have some of their stolen money returned to them (75,000 for every American man woman and child). Eliminate fractional reserve banking because it is fraud.

What Is Fractional Reserve Banking?

Fractional reserve banking allows a bank to lend money it does not have and then you pay back the money plus interest. How would you like to lend someone one million dollars that you don't have and then they have to pay you the one million plus compounded interest? Wouldn't that be nice? That's fractional reserve banking. It's fraud. It makes private banks that belong to the N.W.O. rich and it makes you poor.

America Freedom to Fascism - Director's Authorized Version

This documentary was made by the Late great award winning film producer Aaron Russo, it details the fascist takeover of the big banksters with the 1913 federal reserve act.

The Money Masters (1996) Full Documentary

TalkingStickTV - John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Part I

TalkingStickTV - John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Part II

G Edward Griffin Creature From Jekyll Island Second Look at the Federal Reserve

The total money scam. The government can only tax it's people so much. So whatever extra money they want, they get the FED to print or create out of thin air. This devalues the dollars you hold in your hand, thus is the inflation tax. RON PAUL IS THE ONLY person in Washington that would guarantee an end to this. This is THE ISSUE OF OUR DAY and our nation hangs in the balance of a MAJOR financial meltdown. The money changers of our day are running short on tricks and we need a return to sound money. Ron Paul. Murray Rothbard - What Has Government Done to Our Money