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Operation Iceland


Operation Iceland is the strategy to bring peace and prosperity to the world and to end the New World Order. The operation is named after Iceland in honour of their defeat of the N.W.O. as a result of the 2009 revolution. The revolution was in protest of the bail out of their corrupted banking system from the 2008 financial crisis.

The strategy of Operation Iceland uses a two front attack on the N.W.O. We will transcend the N.W.O. and incarcerate them at the same time. By presenting effective solutions to the problems created by the N.W.O. we will be able to move forward without them and avoid their fake solutions which are only their goals in disguise. By exposing their crimes we will be able to imprison them. Their total world wide defeat will come as a result of humanity moving forward without them and by imprisoning them.

The first steps are to inform all the people of the world that the N.W.O. is real and a threat to us all and to present the solutions to their problems. As a result of the world becoming aware of the N.W.O. and how to solve our problems it will be easier to elect politicians that are truly representing the people's best interest. Politicians that are part of the N.W.O. will expose themselves by following the N.W.O. plan since their plans will be exposed by Operation Iceland. Leaders who denounce the N.W.O. and implement the solutions will be elected.

After the defeat of the N.W.O. it will be necessary to protect the first and second amendments and to keep the populations of the world educated to stop the N.W.O. from rising again. The first amendment is very important because it allows people to tell the truth about criminal activity. If free speech is stopped then the criminals in the government will be able to put people in jail who try to expose them. The second amendment is important because people have the right to protect themselves from criminals and from a government that is out of control. Would you like to be a Jew without a gun during world war two with a government that is trying to kill you? There have been many tyrannical governments throughout the history of our planet and an armed society helps to keep dictators out of power.

Kitten Reaches Out His Hand For People, Hoping They'd Save Him

We can save so many helpless animals and humans if we stop the New World Order from destroying our planet and our homes and making us all helpless so they can control us and rule over the world. Why don't they leave us alone? Why can't they be happy with what they have?

Kitten Can't Let Go Of His Dead Father, Kneading Him Until He Wakes Up

How much death and suffering do have to accept? We have everything we need to live in peace and prosperity. It's time to fix our planet. OPERATION ICELAND has the answers.