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Operation Iceland

Solution 2. Energy Supply

With abundant low cost energy the populations of earth will be able to produce housing and food. The N.W.O. is using the lie that co2 is killing us so that they can restrict our energy use. Co2 will never cause the planet to overheat. It is part of the lifecycle and a benefit to us. The sun is the controlling factor for the earth's climate.

The N.W.O. is using the lie that co2 will burn up our planet to stop human progress so they can make us easier to take control by turning off our electricity and industries so we will be poor and hungry. Then we have to turn to the governments they control for help. Then they make us accept anything they want for food and welfare.

Stan Meyer created a fuel cell that could convert any type of water into hydrogen and oxygen in huge amounts. He converted a car to run on this fuel cell that drove 60 miles per gallon of water with zero co2 emissions. The oil producing nations offered him one billion dollars in cash for the patent and he said no. the pentagon visited him and investigated his invention. The British sent a scientific delegation to investigate and they said it was the most important invention of the century. Finally in 1998 Stan Meyer was about to start his mass production of the fuel cell when he died suddenly during a dinner meeting with some foreign investors. That technology is not complicated and the theory is known. We can still make that same fuel cell today and our governments know it.

Our governments know we don't have to worry about co2 from cars or production of electricity. But they use the lie to control us. Also there is at least as much oil and gas in Alaska as there is in Saudi Arabia but the U.S. government keeps it classified. There is also clean burning coal and clean nuclear energy that is not used. Oil is found all over the world. Every region of earth has its own supply.

The populations must learn about these energy supplies and demand that their elected politicians use them.

The Energy Non-Crisis- Lindsay Williams -Truth about Oil and Oil prices

Gulf Oil is NOT Fossil Fuel. It is an Abiotic - Self Regenerating Compound!

European Solar Powered Stirling 10 Kilowatt Generator

The Stirling Engine: A Wave of the Future

This video describes the Stirling engine, an external combustion engine which creates heat energy to power the motor, and can use many types of fuel. It can be used for both stationary and propulsion purposes and has advantages of better fuel economy and cleaner exhaust than internal combustion engines. The engine is shown being road tested at Langley Air Force Base. Released Jan. 1992.