Operation Iceland

National Banks vs. Private Central Banks

First let's define the difference between the two types of banks. The private central banks that we borrow money from today to pay our governments to work for us are privately owned by people who are part of the new world order. They charge us compounded interest and we don't even know if they are giving us money they actually have or if they are just entering a number into a computer and making us pay for it because we are not allowed to audit them. We don't want to use those banks. The only bank that should issue a nations money is the national bank. It is a bank owned by all the citizens of that nation and there is an audit every year so we will know if anyone is stealing our money. It is also important to know that private central banks are sometimes named 'national bank of America' to trick you into thinking it is not private. The name Federal Reserve is also an attempt to hide the fact that the federal reserve is a private central bank owned by the new world order. So what about the money that is printed every year to pay the government employees? Do we have to pay it back? No we don't.

Every year the government will use the national bank to print enough money to run the country. We do not have to pay the money back to the national bank. Printing this money will not cause inflation or ruin our economy. When we borrow money at compounded interest from private central banks to pay for inflated costs of running our governments then the economy is ruined. When we create money from our national banks to represent the value of the labour from the citizens, without inflating costs and we don't tax the citizens (to pay to run the government after it was already paid for) then there is a thriving economy and prosperity.

Why don't we have to pay taxes to pay back the money created by the national bank that was given to the government employees? We didn't borrow the money from the national bank so we don't have to pay it back. The money was newly created. Can you just make money from nothing? We are not making money from nothing. The value exists already in the form of a national resource which is the labour of the citizens. This does not mean that we can all go to the national bank and create new money and use it for ourselves. We need to understand what national resources are and we need to understand the difference between private and national use of the national bank.

National resources are resources that belong to a nation that are not owned by private citizens of that nation. Some examples of resources are things like oil, natural gas, gold, minerals, diamonds, water and citizens physical and intellectual labour. What do we mean by 'not owned by private citizens'?

If you own a piece of land and in that land there is oil and gold and diamonds, those are your private resources. You can dig up the gold and diamonds and use it as money to buy things. You can also exchange your resources with someone for an equal value of bank notes which are legal tender and use the bank notes to buy things. Do you owe the land money for taking gold and diamonds out of it? No, it's your land you own it and you own what's in it. By taking the gold and diamonds from your land you have created new wealth (money). There are resources that the government can use to create wealth in the same way. Because citizens are a national resource they have value that can be used. We will not be using the citizens like oil or gold are used. We will be using the physical and intellectual labour of the citizens and that labour has value just like any other resource. As soon as a citizen does work in the government the money has been created just like when you take the gold or diamonds out of you land the money has been created. So we don't owe anyone anything just because we have a government that is working properly. All we have to do is give the government employees legal tender to represent the exact amount of work that they did. It is the national bank that has the authority to issue the legal tender in the form of bank notes (dollar bills) to the government employees.

It is not just government employees that can create wealth by doing work in the government. The government can buy goods like garbage trucks and tanks from citizens and pay the citizens with money created from the national bank and we don't have to pay taxes to repay the national bank. That is how you create prosperity because the citizens will not be loosing their wealth by paying taxes to private central banks. Paying taxes for national debt is like paying your employer to work for him. Local and state governments can also create new money from the national bank to run local and state governments using the citizen labour resources.