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Operation Iceland


Another treatment is asthma medicine called budesonide. Dr.Richard Bartlett who is part of the covid-19 task force used budesonide to treat his patients and all of them survived. Even a woman who had two forms of cancer and received chemo therapy one month earlier was cured with budesonide after she had the virus for almost a week. As you know when someone receives chemo therapy their immune system is weakened so even with a person who is seriously ill budesonide works. It cures them. She was treated on Friday and went back to work Monday because she was cured and tested negative twice. Another woman treated with budesonide by Dr. Bartlett smoked for fifty years, had quadruple bypass surgery, has high blood pressure and thyroid disease. She was treated with budesonide and during the first treatment she could breathe better her fever broke and chest pain went away. She was soon cured and tested negative twice.

In Taiwan and Japan and Singapore they use asthma medicine just like budesonide (a corticosteroid) to cure covid-19. They don't social distance because there is no room there to spread people out. As of august 7, 2009: In Taiwan, population 24 million - 7dead. In Japan, population 120 million - less than 1000 dead. In Singapore, population 5 million - 12 dead. That's about 1000 dead out of 150 million people.

The best way to take a corticosteroid like budesonide is to use a nebulizer to inhale it so it goes right to the source of the problem. A regular inhaler does not get the medicine deep enough into your lungs but its better than nothing if that's all you have. It has been available for over 20 years and is safe enough to use on a 2 pound premature baby or fragile elderly people. It is not patented and cheap and plentiful.

NIH is conducting a study on budesonide that won't be finished until October while Dr. Bartlett and other doctors cure people today. The criteria for the NIH study is to only use budesonide on people that have pneumonia, are in the intensive care unit and are on a ventilator before they test it in their study. The study is set up to fail because they don't want to have any cure except their vaccine. Covid-19 has already mutated 250 times so a vaccine won't work just like the common cold. There is no vaccine possibility. Budesonide and other corticosteroids work on all mutations of the virus.

Animals can be cured with a medicine that is used as a dewormer called ivermectin. Invitro studies show that ivermectin kills the virus 90 percent in 24 hours and 100 percent in 48 hours. We can eliminate covid-19 forever if we start treating it properly and stop sending people home to take aspirin until there symptoms become life threatening before they are treated.